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Starting a high school strength program

In terms of quality, high school strength and conditioning programs vary considerably, and most of them are subpar. The biggest reason for this is that most of these programs lack adequate and appropriate program design and supervision, and allow little or no involvement from qualified, experienced strength and conditioning professionals.


Post-Workout Nutrition for Endurance Exercise

Endurance athletes and enthusiasts — all you distance runners, cyclists, and swimmers — this one’s for you. There’s a lot of available information (and opinions) about post-workout nutrition and recovery for strength and power athletes. Here’s an informative resource for those athletes and exercise enthusiasts whose activity more heavily engages their oxidative and slow-glycolytic energy systems.


Army downs the Navy

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Mentor’s Nicollette Noonan hit a two-out RBI single in the bottom of the eighth inning to lead the Army All-Stars to a 5-4 win over the Navy in the 2015 Ohio Varsity All-Star Classic presented by ScoreStream.com.

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