ROCKY RIVER—Wrestlers from several area schools are state-bound after finishing among the top four at their respective weight classes as the 2021 Ohio Wrestling Coaches Association Girls Northeast District Tournament at Lutheran West on Saturday.

The host Longhorns led the way with a second-place finish in the team race and six individual state qualifiers. Mentor finished fourth while advancing four wrestlers to next weekend’s state tournament and Brush, Harvey and North each qualified two wrestlers to state. Geneva, Lakeside and Madison each will send one wrestler to the state tournament.


Lutheran West’s Alyssa Pirro, a defending state champion, cruised to the 137-pound championship with two pins and an 8-2 decision. Pirro won the 143-pound title last winter. Lutheran West’s Alayna Lopez, who finished third at 150 last season, won the 160-pound title as the only wrestler entered in the weight class.

Other Longhorns to qualify for the state tournament include Larrissa Krantz (4th at 111), Catie Kerr (3rd at 116), Nevaeh Yarber (3rd at 126), and Jaeyla Reyes (4th at 143). Brianna Marich (150) and Amy Zell (170) both finished fifth and Alondra Melendez (106), and Savannah ThorSne (131) both placed sixth.

Mentor’s Campbell Splete (2nd at 111), Brianna O’Brien (2nd at 143), Erika Novak (4th at 150), and Maddie Menchaca (2nd at 170) all earned their berth in the state tournament while Deirdra Dorazio (6th at 101), Alana Shriver (5th at 121), Donna Tran (6th at 121), and Jamie Penny (6th at 189) all placed among the top six.

Other state qualifiers include Brush’s Ernestine Underwood (3rd at 143) and Marneice Johnson (3rd at 189), Geneva’s Heidi Stamper (4th at 131), Harvey’s Melany Herrera (2nd at 101) and Cristina Cortez (2nd at 150), Lakeside’s Adrianna Hutson (3rd at 131), Madison’s Lexi Zehe (2nd at 116), North’s Kailey Lesler-Harrold (4th at 101) and Breonna Preston (4th at 137).

Zehe finished sixth at 121 last year while Hutson was fourth at 131.


  1. Minerva 139
  2. Lutheran West 116
  3. Alliance 105
  4. Mentor 89
  5. Cleveland Central Catholic 55
  6. Mogadore 51
  7. Hubbard 42
    Harvey 42
  8. Boardman 41
  9. Madison 32
  10. Brush 30
  11. Buckeye 28
    Dover 28
  12. Brookfield 26
  13. Elyria 26
    Salem 26
  14. West Holmes 22
  15. Lakeside 20
    Marlington 20
    Wooster 20
  16. Eastlake North 17
  17. Geneva 16
  18. Kenmore-Garfield 15
  19. Green 14
  20. Hillsdale 12
    Keystone 12
    Massillon Perry 12
  21. Hoban 11
  22. Brooklyn 7
    Lakewood 7
  23. Ashland Crestview 5
    Hoover High School 5
    Oberlin 5
    St. John 5
  24. Manchester 0



1st: Riley Banyas (Elyria) pinned Melany Herrara (Harvey), 1:02
3rd: Maddalyn Bean (Marlington) pinned Kailey Lester-Harrold (North), 4:02
5th: Rylee Horning (Alliance) pinned Deirdra Dorazio (Mentor), 4:59


1st: Kylee Bentley (Hubbard) pinned Cylie Couch (West Holmes), 0:11
3rd: Paige Lucas (Minerva) pinned Lauryn Davis (Hillsdale), 2:23
5th: Sofia Collins (Brooklyn) pinned Alondra Melendez (Lutheran West), 2:35


1st: Jada Shafer (Minerva) pinned Campbell Splete (Mentor), 0:25
3rd: X’nai Hatcher (Alliance) pinned Larissa Krantz (Lutheran West), 0:52
5th: Isabella Baughman (Kenmore-Garfield)


1st: Lexi Beadle (Boardman) pinned Lexi Zehe (Madison), 4:38
3rd: Catie Kerr (Lutheran West) pinned Camryn Manley (Mogadore), 4:13
5th: Lauren Davis (Hoban) pinned Lilly Berkhouse (Green), 0:35


1st: Marcella Hatcher (Cleveland Central Catholic) pinned Kayla Phillips (Minerva), 1:44
3rd: Sloan McNally (Boardman) pinned Faith Perriman (Kenmore-Garfield), 0:51
5th: Alana Shriver (Mentor) pinned Donna Tran (Mentor), 0:30


1st: Mallory Chunat (Alliance) pinned Michaela Jackson (Minerva), 1:08
3rd: Nevaeh Yarber (Lutheran West) pinned Zoe Gaetjens (Mogadore), 2:17
5th: Tarynn Eagle (Crestview) dec. Arianna McFarland (St. John), 1-0


1st: Katie Vogt-Shields (Buckeye) pinned Sairra Tapp (Wooster), 5:20
3rd: Adrianna Hutson (Lakeside) pinned Heidi Stamper (Geneva), 2:19
5th: Sophia Russo (Minvera) pinned Savannah Thorne (Lutheran West), 0:27


1st: Alyssa Pirro (Lutheran West) pinned Mia Gaetjens (Mogadore), 2:40
3rd: Amber Flynn (Hubbard) pinned Breonna Preston (North), 4:32
5th: Jordan Palmer (Hoover)


1st: Karlie Stith (Salem) pinned Brianna O’Brien (Mentor), 1:32
3rd: Ernestine Underwood (Brush) dec. Jaeyla Reyes (Lutheran West), 3-2
5th: Lashell Bell (Oberlin)


1st: Jayda Patrick (Alliance) pinned Cristina Cortez (Harvey), 3:09
3rd: Addison Disman (Massillon Perry) pinned Erika Novak (Mentor), 4:04
5th: Brianna Marich (Lutheran West)


1st: Alayna Lopez (Lutheran West)


1st: Bailey Hackett (Brookfield) pinned Maddie Menchaca (Mentor), 4:17
3rd: Emily Jirousek (Keystone) dec. Katie Emery (Green), 10-9
5th: Amy Zell (Lutheran West)


1st: Payton Curley (Dover) pinned Kayley Ross (Alliance), 2:19
3rd: Marneice Johnson (Brush) pinned Emma Hilliard (Minerva), 0:54
5th: Ma’sarrah Robinson (Cleveland Central Catholic) pinned Jamie Penny (Mentor), 3:28


1st: Alaina Jackson (Minvera) pinned Madeleine Wadesisi (Cleveland Central Catholic), 0:56
3rd: Maddie Moretti (Madison) pinned Kelsey Dalton (Lakewood), 1:48