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    Mixed results for Kirtland, Cardinal runners at Grand Valley Invitational


    A soggy course at the Grand Valley Invitational on Tuesday provided a challenge for the Kirtland and Cardinal runners.

    Brandon Neikirk was Cardinal's top finisher

    The Hornets finished fourth in the boys’ race and fifth in the girls. The Huskies were fifth and seventh.

    “We ran very well last Saturday at Boardman and had many lifetime (personal records) and season PR’s. It was a great step forward, but we took a step backward at Grand Valley tonight,” said Kirtland coach J.P. Moran. “The boys didn't run well and didn't compete the way we should; I thought we could have run much better. This was a missed opportunity to get in a good race working toward the Cardinal Invite this Saturday. Hopefully we can turn it around Saturday.”

    Katherine Stief led the Hornets with a 14th place finish. She ran a personal best 24:25.00.

    Christine Walsh (25:10.00) was 21st, Clarice Aquila (26:16.00) was 29th, Maria Shepard (26:26.00) was 30th, Maggie Fovargue (28:59.00) was 47th and Bridget Stark (29:57.00) was 50th for the Hornets.

    “For the girls, our top four ran pretty well,” Moran said. “Katherine Stief led the way for us with a season PR for her and competed well. Christine Walsh was our No. 2 and Clarice Aquila was close to her season’s best.”

    Colton Zanko (20:51.90) led the Hornets’ boys with a 24th place finish. Josh Mansfield (21:20.00) was 27th, Nick Meyer (22:15.90) was 32nd and Steven Kusar (23:18.20) was 41st.

    Cardinal’s boys’ team finished fifth while the girls were seventh.

    “The overall race was a tad slow due to the soft course and sharp turns, things that will be improved this weekend at the Cardinal Invite,” said Cardinal coach Greg Cicero. “The team has put its sights on Kirtland and is working to catch the Hornets.”

    Brandon Neikirk was Cardinal’s top finisher. He was 17th with a time of 19:56.30. Chris Noreika (21:36.20) was 28th, Alec Wolf (22:07.00) was 30th, Logan Daw (23:01.00) was 36th, Aidan White (23:24.80) was 42nd and Craig Shanower (27:20.00) was 45th for the Huskies.

    “Brandon Neikirk did a good job of battling through the mud to place 17th,” Cicero said. “Alec Wolff narrowed the gap to Christian Noreika quite a bit tonight and had a real strong finish.”

    Ashley Lucarelli led the Cardinal girls with a 17th place finish in a time of 24:47.00. Emily Kruse continued to show improvement after missing time recovering from an injury. She finished 25th with a time of 25:55.00. Shelby Miller (26:55.00) was 37th, Alissa Nevison (27:11.00) was 41st and Cheyenne Polverine (27:45.00) was 43rd.

    “Ashley Lucarelli did a nice job of battling for position and picked off four or five people in the last half mile,” Cicero said. “Emily Kruse is looking stronger each week and Shelby Miller ran a determined race for place as well.”

    Results – Men

    1 Lemay, Chris Edgewood 17:15.80
    2 Lemay, Josh Edgewood 17:44.60
    3 Haydu, Darren Geneva 18:09.40
    4 Bowling, Tim Geneva 18:39.90
    5 Bryan, Brandon Geneva 18:42.50
    6 Steimle, Tim Grand Valley 18:48.90
    7 Temple, Zack Newbury 19:08.70
    8 Dillon, Seth Grand Valley 19:13.30
    9 Henry, Jason Edgewood 19:27.20
    10 Cunningham, Tommy Geneva 19:34.50
    11 Simmons, Ryder Edgewood 19:35.50
    12 Watts, Ryan Geneva 19:36.70
    13 Williams, Carter Geneva 19:39.70
    14 Lemay, Zach Edgewood 19:49.00
    15 Krieder, Ian Edgewood 19:51.20
    16 Lundi, Clayton Geneva 19:54.10
    17 Bryan, Alex Geneva 19:56.30
    17 Neikirk, Brandon Cardinal 19:56.30
    19 Morgan, Noah Edgewood 19:59.60
    20 Brunell, Paul Edgewood 20:13.20
    21 Nunisto, Zak Edgewood 20:19.00
    22 Brown, Harding Edgewood 20:43.60
    23 Cummings, Kevin Kirtland 20:45.50
    24 Zanko, Colton Kirtland 20:51.90
    25 Pocsics, Tyler Edgewood 20:52.00
    26 Evans, Jacob Edgewood 20:56.10
    27 Mansfield, Josh Kirtland 21:20.00
    28 Noreika, Chris Cardinal 21:36.20
    29 Eidens, Bin Edgewood 22:03.40
    30 Wolf, Alec Cardinal 22:07.00
    30 Studer, Derek Geneva 22:07.00
    32 Meyer, Nick Kirtland 22:15.90
    33 Voitushenko, Josh Newbury 22:17.80
    34 Piltz, Corey Edgewood 22:38.00
    35 Drugovich, Adam Geneva 22:39.00
    36 Daw, Logan Cardinal 23:01.00
    37 George, Aaron Grand Valley 23:08.20
    38 Schwegler, Eric Geneva 23:10.90
    39 Orii, Harry Edgewood 23:12.70
    40 Parker, Fred Grand Valley 23:15.60
    41 Kusar, Steven Kirtland 23:18.20
    42 White, Aidan Cardinal 23:24.80
    43 O'Neal, Jack Grand Valley 23:45.60
    44 Ranski, Nick Grand Valley 27:09.00
    45 Shanower, Craig Cardinal 27:20.00

    Team Scores

    1 Geneva
    2 Edgewood
    3 Grand Valley
    4 Kirtland
    5 Cardinal

    Results – Women

    1 Steimle, Grace Grand Valley 19:44.00
    2 Deering, Emily Geneva 20:05.00
    3 Finley, Jessica Grand Valley 20:35.00
    4 Zuccaro, Andrea Edgewood 21:55.00
    5 Sporcich, Shelbie Edgewood 23:08.00
    6 Bertholf, Kayla Edgewood 23:10.00
    7 Hall, Danielle Conneaut 23:20.00
    7 Spring, Savannah Edgewood 23:20.00
    9 Newman, Angel Edgewood 23:29.00
    10 Gage, Hannah Grand Valley 23:35.00
    10 Simmons, Bekah Edgewood 23:35.00
    12 Beisel, Catherine Geneva 23:40.00
    13 Hanchosky, Julia Geneva 24:23.00
    14 Stief, Katherine Kirtland 24:25.00
    15 Roberts, Taylor Edgewood 24:27.00
    16 Engle, Holly Geneva 24:35.00
    17 Lucarelli, Ashley Cardinal 24:47.00
    18 Lewandowski, Hope Newbury 25:02.00
    19 Kinkopf, Annie Newbury 25:04.00
    20 Jackam, Becca Geneva 25:09.00
    21 Walsh, Christine Kirtland 25:10.00
    22 Varner, Brooke Geneva 25:33.00
    23 Millard, Alexis Conneaut 25:38.00
    24 Evans, Mary Edgewood 25:48.00
    25 Stills, Liz Edgewood 25:55.00
    25 Nieset, Kayla Geneva 25:55.00
    25 Kruse, Emily Cardinal 25:55.00
    28 Kekedy, Allyson Newbury 26:14.00
    29 Aquila, Clarice Kirtland 26:16.00
    30 Shepard, Maria Kirtland 26:26.00
    31 Kinkopf, Maggie Newbury 26:28.00
    32 Taylor, Sierra Conneaut 26:30.00
    33 Oxley, Christa Conneaut 26:41.00
    34 Chadwick, Alyssa Conneaut 26:42.00
    35 Wiser, Kelsey Conneaut 26:46.00
    36 Ball, Julia Geneva 26:52.00
    37 Miller, Shelby Cardinal 26:55.00
    38 Lynch, Leah Grand Valley 26:57.00
    39 Carlson, Erica Grand Valley 26:58.00
    40 Strazinski, Isabella Grand Valley 27:04.00
    41 Nevison, Alissa Cardinal 27:11.00
    42 Bunnell, Justine Edgewood 27:24.00
    43 Polverine, Cheyenne Cardinal 27:45.00
    44 Wright, Grace Newbury 27:47.00
    45 Thomas, Kaylee Geneva 27:48.00
    46 Reynolds, Maddie Geneva 28:27.00
    47 Fovargue, Maggie Kirtland 28:59.00
    47 Horvath, Julie Geneva 28:59.00
    49 Kendzerski, Brittany Edgewood 29:06.00
    50 Stark, Bridget Kirtland 29:57.00
    51 Poyer, Brooke Grand Valley 30:03.00
    52 Stephens, Corrine Geneva 30:18.00
    53 Bambarger, Carrie Conneaut 35:33.00
    54 Perez, Jessica Newbury 35:35.00

    Team Scores

    1 Edgewood
    2 Geneva
    3 Grand Valley
    4 Conneaut
    5 Kirtland
    6 Newbury
    7 Cardinal

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