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    Scouting the 2024 CVC Wrestling Championships

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    On Friday, 254 wrestlers will attempt to win a conference title at the 2024 Chagrin Valley Conference Wrestling Championships at Independence.

    The two-day tournament begins on Friday and will continue on Saturday with the first-place matches being broadcast live on CVC TV.

    Last winter, Perry won its second straight Chagrin Division title, Cuyahoga Heights won a second straight Metro Division championship, and Berkshire claimed its second straight Valley Division crown.

    With the expansion of the league to 25 schools, new divisions were created for 2023-2024 and beyond.

    Competing in the Chagrin Division are Beachwood, Chagrin Falls, Crestwood, Hawken, Kirtland, Lutheran West, Orange, and West Geauga. Conneaut, Edgewood, Geneva, Harvey, Jefferson, Lakeside, Madson, and Perry will compete in the Lake Division, and Berkshire, Brooklyn, Cardinal, Cuyahoga Heights, Fairview, Grand Valley, Independence, and Trinity will wrestle for the Metro Division title.

    A total of 11 defending champions return with the hopes of toeing the top of the podium again this winter.

    Included among the defending champions are Berkshire’s Colin Hering (113 this season) and Alex Munn (144), Crestwood’s J.P. Wrobel (126) and Drake Rennecker (150), Edgewood’s Zeke Lucas (175), Geneva’s Kenny Pavlisin (190), Hawken’s Will Greenberg (285), Perry’s Riley Rowan (126), Chris Bezzeg (138), and West Geauga’s Zander Joltin (132) and Brian Denamen (157).

    Click here for results and to follow the brackets in real time.

    Listed below are the top eight seeds for each weight class:

    *-indicates a returning champion


    1. Derion Williams, Trinity (20-3)
    2. D.J. Otero, Lutheran West (31-5)
    3. Mikael Edwards, Beachwood (9-4)
    4. Rocco Wrobel, Crestwood (17-8)
    5. Tanner Williams, Geneva (21-10)
    6. Aidian Pastor, Madison (21-11)
    7. Cooper Schlauch, Perry (11-6)
    8. Terry McDonald, Fairview (11-11)

    With no returning champions, the 106-pound weight class is wide open. Trinity’s Derion Williams earned the top seed after putting together an impressive freshman season to date. He already has several tournament wins and has a head-to-head victory over second-seeded D.J. Otero of Lutheran West.


    1. Colin Hering, Berkshire (20-6) *
    2. Hassaun Sibley, Trinity (9-6)
    3. Mitch Meyer, Independence (18-6)
    4. Jordan McCullough, Madison (19-9)
    5. Landon Rusnak, Perry (18-10)
    6. Zander Mooney, Cuyahoga Heights (11-7)
    7. Clayton Carman, Cardinal (15-11)
    8. Arjun Dhillon, Beachwood (6-5)

    Hering won at 106 pounds last season and is off to a great start this year. Sibley, who earned the second seed, placed fourth at 106 last winter. Cuyahoga Heights’ Zander Mooney placed fifth at 113 last season.


    1. Caden Kaleal, West Geauga (26-1)
    2. Lucas Eland, Lakeside (19-5)
    3. Cooper Kucia, Cuyahoga Heights (16-5)
    4. Xavier Pearson, Trinity (18-4)
    5. Antony Trentanelli, Perry (19-9)
    6. Anthony Moree, Harvey (10-7)
    7. Greg Hellmbright, Edgewood (13-12)
    8. Troy Champlin, Cardinal (12-12)

    West Geauga’s Caden Kaleal finished as the CVC runner-up at this weight class last winter and he earned the top seed for this year’s tournament, but his path to the top step on the podium will have some huge speed bumps to conquer. Lakeside’s Lucas Eland was the runner-up at 113 last season and Cuyahoga Heights’ Cooper Kucia took second at 106 a season ago.


    1. J.P. Wrobel, Crestwood (26-3) *
    2. Riley Rowan, Perry (27-6) *
    3. Nicolas Hayes, Hawken (4-11)
    4. D’Angelo Sanchez, Egewood (3-6)
    5. William Dushney, Geneva (13-13)
    6. Jacob Lewis, Jefferson (28-8)
    7. Jay McGinnis, Chagrin Falls (17-6)
    8. Caden Klingman, Berkshire (18-10)

    Crestwood’s J.P. Wrobel is the defending champion at 126 but to defend his title, he’ll have to beat another defending CVC champion in Perry’s Riley Rowan, who won the 120-pound bracket last year. Both wrestlers went 1-2 at the state tournament.


    1. Jackson Harrison, Madison (26-8)
    2. Zander Joltin, West Geauga (27-4) *
    3. Charlie Meyer, Independence (20-6)
    4. Jacob Strailey, Lakeside (21-4)
    5. Wes Larson, Lutheran West (20-10)
    6. Caleb Ballash, Jefferson (26-14)
    7. Hunter Blair, Chagrin Falls (13-7)
    8. Brian Eddy, Trinity (9-6)

    West Geauga’s Zander Joltin won the 113-pound CVC title last winter but bumped up to 132 and earned the No. 2 seed behind Madison’s Jackson Harrison, who placed second at 132 in the Western Reserve Conference tournament. Independence’s Charlie Meyer placed second to Wrobel at 126 last winter, Chagrin Falls’ Hunter Blair was fifth at 120, and Lakeside’s Jacob Strailey placed fifth at this weight class last winter.


    1. Chris Bezzeg, Perry (19-8) *
    2. Jonathon Bissell, Jefferson (32-4)
    3. Danny Sizzler, West Geauga (23-8)
    4. Manoli Fourtounis, Independence (17-7)
    5. Ashton Zembower, Madison (7-3)
    6. Carrick Dobran, Conneaut (11-5)
    7. Charlie Dixon, Berkshire (12-6)
    8. Lynnia Doss, Beachwood (16-9)

    After winning the 132-pound title last winter, Perry’s Chris Bezzeg earned the top seed at 138. Bezzeg will be tested by several other wrestlers at this weight class.


    1. Alex Munn, Berkshire (5-1) *
    2. Chance Schlauch, Perry (12-7)
    3. Harrison Fritz, Chagrin Falls (21-4)
    4. Fletcher Sturgill, Cuyahoga Heights (13-4)
    5. Addison Trisket, Madison (15-5)
    6. Aaden Condor, Beachwood (15-6)
    7. Austin Wheatley, West Geauga (19-8)
    8. Brendan Haley, Conneaut (13-7)

    Berkshire’s Alex Munn won the 157-pound championship at last year’s CVC tournament, but he dropped to 144 this year where he’ll face a couple of other title contenders. Perry’s Chance Schlauch placed third at 126 last year, and Chagrin Falls’ Harrison Fritz has district tournament experience.


    1. Drake Rennecker, Crestwood (25-3) *
    2. Ethan Bartlett, West Geauga (24-2)
    3. Caleb Greenwood, Beachwood (27-2)
    4. Robert Boykin, Harvey (16-4)
    5. Forest Portman, Grand Valley (16-6)
    6. Dylan Smith, Brooklyn (10-4)
    7. Quinn Bruder, Fairview (12-5)
    8. Daniel Riddell, Geneva (19-11)

    Crestwood’s Drake Rennecker won the 138-pound bracket last season on his way to a district tournament appearance. West Geauga’s Ethan Bartlett placed second at 165 last season and Beachwood’s Caleb Greenwood was fourth at 144.


    1. Brian Denamen, West Geauga (29-5) *
    2. Kyle Vencill, Edgewood (26-5)
    3. King Wright, Lakeside (26-3)
    4. Alvaro Serrano, Harvey (19-5)
    5. Reginald Banies, Trinity (10-3)
    6. Izaiah Siler, Madison (18-7)
    7. Ryan Waldo, Grand Valley (10-6)
    8. Dominic Palmisano, Geneva (21-14)

    West Geauga’s Brian Denamen bumped up to 157 after winning the 144-pound CVC title last winter. Edgewood’s Kyle Vencill placed fourth at 138. Harvey’s Alvaro Serrano finished sixth at 150.


    1. Noah Blough, Madison (25-6)
    2. Domenick LaMacchia, Perry (7-7)
    3. Justin Kornspan, Beachwood (8-4)
    4. Christian Fleissner, Lakeside (16-11)
    5. Isaiah Boles, Conneaut (10-9)
    6. Jake Vitron, Independence (11-10)
    7. Jordan Prescott, Trinity (9-9)
    8. Drew Pfost, Crestwood (12-13)

    Madison’s Noah Blough makes his first CVC tournament appearance as the top seed at 165 after winning the 165-pound title at the WRC tournament last winter. Perry’s Domenick LaMacchia placed third at 157 and Lakeside’s Christian Fleissner placed fifth at 150.


    1. Brandon Bruce-Bey, Trinity (23-2)
    2. Zeke Lucas, Edgewood (27-7) *
    3. Antonius Bertone, Perry (10-7)
    4. Hassani Sy, Lakeside (23-7)
    5. Preston Garling, Berkshire (14-5)
    6. Nigel Platt, Geneva (16-7)
    7. Finn O’Malley, Fairview (17-8)
    8. Amir Barnes, Orange (14-9)

    Trinity’s Brandon Bruce-Bey didn’t compete at the CVC tournament last year, but he’ll make his first appearance as the top seed at 175. He comes in with 23 wins and just two losses after going 1-2 at the state tournament last year as a member of the Cleveland Central Catholic wrestling team. Edgewood’s Zeke Lucas earned the second seed with 27 wins, and he is the defending champion at this weight. Lakeside’s Hassani Sy placed third at 190 last winter.


    1. Kenny Pavlisin, Geneva (17-11) *
    2. Trent Taylor, Perry (10-4)
    3. Cameron Carter, Trinity (18-4)
    4. Francis Connors, Cuyahoga Heights (11-3)
    5. Matt Webster, Jefferson (18-5)
    6. Aidan Moreno, Harvey (11-8)
    7. Demitry Navarro, Madison (12-9)
    8. Jacob Bartko, Orange (7-6)

    Geneva’s Kenny Pavlisin is the defending champion in this weight class after knocking off Perry’s Trent Taylor in the championship match last season.


    1. Jeremiah Reed, Cuyahoga Heights (18-4)
    2. Gavin McIntyre, Crestwood (20-7)
    3. Abi Ortiz, Lakeside (21-8)
    4. Trevor Mullen, Grand Valley (12-5)
    5. Blake Welker, West Geauga (25-11)
    6. Elijah Hall, Harvey (12-8)
    7. Jeff Moore, Trinity (10-10)
    8. Chuck Thomas, Perry (6-6)

    Cuyahoga Heights’ Jeremiah Reed placed fifth at this weight class last winter and after winning 18 matches, he earned the No. 1 seed. He’ll be pushed by Crestwood’s Gavin McIntyre and Lakeside’s Abi Ortiz, who placed fifth at 285 last season.


    1. Will Greenberg, Hawken (24-2) *
    2. Marvin Guerra, Harvey (18-4)
    3. Scotty Edwards, Conneaut (19-3)
    4. Floyd Robinson, Trinity (12-5)
    5. Austin Thomas, Orange (21-10)
    6. Nolan Leben, Perry (14-8)
    7. Cameron Mullins, Madison (16-10)
    8. Wyatt Habina, Geneva (18-14)

    Hawken’s Will Greenberg locked down the 285-pound title last winter and finished as a district alternate. His biggest challenge will come from Harvey’s Marvin Guerra, fourth at 285 last season, and Conneaut’s Scotty Edwards, a returning district qualifier.



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