Sublimated Fabric Options

In addition to fully-customized designs, your sublimated jerseys and apparel come in a variety of fabrics.

Choose your fabric:


Aeroband is a microperforated knit polyester. It has a matte finish and a quality garment drape to allow flexibility. This fabric features antimicrobial and moisture-wicking properties. Aeroband is featured on our Classic Cheerleading tops and skirts. (T1)



Aerolite is a closed-mesh textured lightweight knit polyester that provides a great horizontal stretch. It offers moisture-wicking breathability to allow for comfort. Aerolite is the perfect choice for t-shirts, shooter shirts, polos, and lightweight hoodies. (T1)



This 6.0-ounce* moisture-wicking fabric provides maximum flexibility with its 4-way stretch design. (Tr)



Hi-Cool is a lightweight, smooth microperforated interlock knit polyester fabric. It offers flexibility, as well as fantastic ventilation properties to achieve comfort. Hi-Cool is commonly used on our volleyball jerseys or our fishing jerseys and is similar to our Polydex fabric. (T1)


MicroCool Liner

Our MicroCool Liner is a polyester micromesh fabric that is extremely breathable, lightweight, and antimicrobial. It is designed to wick away moisture, keeping you dry and cool, without adding additional bulk. Our MicroCool Liner is most commonly used as inner layers on our warm-up suits. (T1)



This 6.2-ounce* moisture-wicking fabric provides maximum flexibility with its 4-way stretch design. (Tr)


Nylex is a polyester tricot fabric that promotes lightweight features and flexibility. It has a hypoallergenic texture, a high water-absorbing capacity, and is tear/shrink resistant. Nylex is used for our  Drawstring Backpack, as you can quickly transport your essential items without relying on a bulky bag. (T1)



Polydex is a smooth, lightweight polyester fabric. It is antimicrobial and is extremely breathable (perfect for under-layering or reversible basketball uniforms) while providing durability to withstand long term use. Polydex provides good horizontal stretch and garment drape, making it highly recommended for basketball uniforms. (T1)


Polyester (Socks)

Our socks are made up of a comfortable and breathable Polyester. There is elastic blended with the Polyester as well to allow flexibility. Our Polyester is black-lined to fill in the stretch of the fabric and allow for a more vibrant full sublimated print. (T1)


Polyester 600 Denier

Polyester 600 Denier is an industry-standard when it comes to making quality duffel bags or backpacks. Coupled with a soft PVC backing, we reinforce the strength of this fabric to last. It is a versatile fabric that withstands heavy loads or general everyday use. (T1)



Ponti is a durable modern technical knit interlock polyester fabric. It offers breathable, moisture-wicking features and a great horizontal stretch. Ponti displays an outstanding matte finish and vibrant details. It is most commonly used on our football jerseys, football
pants, baseball pants, and warm-up suits. (T1)



This 11.4-ounce* fabric is among the heaviest weights available while also providing maximum flexibility with its 4-way stretch design and still wicks away the moisture. (Tr)


Semi-Step Mesh

Semi Step Mesh is a polyester micro mesh fabric with a lightweight composition. It allows air to pass through with ease while providing great coverage and durability. Semi Step Mesh is most commonly used on our Football jerseys. (T1)



Spandex provides maximum stretch and a form-fit. It offers moisture-wicking properties and is antimicrobial. Spandex is useful on a variety of products due to its adaptability, such as side panel inserts or as arm sleeves. We most commonly use Spandex on our compression gear, performance cheerleading gear, arm sleeves, spats, and more. (T1)


Spundy is a lightweight, durable, smooth interlock knit polyester fabric. It offers horizontal stretch and moisture-wicking properties. This fabric is most similar to Ponti, as it has a matte finish. Spundy is most commonly used on our women’s Lacrosse or Field Hockey uniforms. (T1)


Stretch Semi-Step Mesh

Stretch Semi Step Mesh is an antimicrobial polyester micromesh fabric. It offers additional flexibility (in comparison to Semi Step Mesh) without sacrificing breathability. Stretch Semi Step Mesh is most commonly found as an insert panel under the arms of our Gamebreaker Football Jersey. (T1)

*-weights based on an Adult Medium jersey


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